After all the hype I’ve been hearing about Cocoa Brown Tan i wanted to try it out for myself.

I was lucky enough to get given some Lovely Legs spray in medium bronze to test.


So heres my results…


before tan

Yes my legs are so pale right now! My last holiday was at the beginning of the year so I’m needing a sun kissed glow!


one leg tanned with Cocoa Brown Tan

(LEFT- natural, RIGHT- lovely legs spray tan)



both pictures are AFTER lovely legs spray has been applied

NONE of the above pictures have been edited in any way which could make the tan look any different from how it was when applied to my legs!

As you can see the pictures speak for themselves. No wonder everyone has been saying how great this stuff is! It’s amazing and applies so easily with even coverage. I’m not normally a great fan of fake tans as I hate when they look really cheap, streaky and orange. Cocoa Brown Tan is not any of them, it gave me sexy sun kissed pins and made me feel so much more confident about having my (pale now brown) legs out. It also didn’t go streaky over my ankles and knees, where they are main parts of the body where tan can look rubbish and cheap.


Lovely Legs spray (medium bronze)


Tanning Tips!


Tanning mitt


Tanning mitt with tan applied

How I applied the tan…

After showering I made sure all my skin was dry (obvious point)
I then moisturised my legs (my choice of moisturiser was cocoa butter)
After this I then shook the can for about 20 seconds (as the can states) and then sprayed some tan onto the mitt (as shown in picture above)
I then used upward strokes on my legs to apply the tan from my foot up towards my body. The tan applied itself to my skin really easily and evenly! The tan dried really quick and left my skin feeling moisturised, streak-free and breathable.

Another big bonus about this tan is that it smells amazing!, I can’t stand the muddy smell of some tanning products but Cocoa Brown Tan smells lush! If you get it and try it out you will really see for yourself how good it is.

In the UK you can buy it for £7.99 for a 75ml can from Primark, Lloyds pharmacy and Superdrug. And WORLDWIDE via this link (just search and you’ll see all their products including the tanning mitt)

It washes off fairly easy, mine washed off without no trouble in the shower with warm soapy water, you do need to scrub but not hard enough to damage or irritate your legs. Personally I feel this is a bonus anyway as you wouldn’t want the water or rain to wash off your tan when your out flaunting your flawless pins!

The can does say colour can transfer onto light colours so be careful and don’t make my error of wearing white underwear when applying! As you can imagine I did get it onto my knickers before it had dried! Stupid error but surprisingly it washed out 😀

You can find Cocoa Brown Tan on:

So if you want flawless pins to keep you happy and give you an all year round sunkissed glow you know what product to buy!!

Have any of you tried Cocoa Brown Tan yourself? Or any other good tanning products? I’d love to hear.



*this was a sample given by Cocoa Brown Tan



  1. I am very pale so use fake tan all the time. This product looks amazing! Such a good colour and no streaks. I normally use the St. Moritz tan because it is so cheap and I find that is work well.
    Sass x

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