Sassy snake heels..

I am in LOVE with my new bargain shoes!

These heels aren’t normally the type I would go for as I can’t walk very good in stiletto type heels, I tend to look like bambi on ice with my spangly short legs!
But at the age of 23 I thought its about time I learnt as I can now walk well in thick, chunky heels and wedges all thanks to my gay bestfriend (yes he can walk in heels and dance in heels better than me!) so that’s why I decided to treat myself to these


As soon as I saw them I fell in love although when it comes to shoes this happens a lot. These beauties were only £12 from Primark. I couldn’t believe they can sell shoes for so little for such good quality. They are honestly such a cute comfortable pair of heels, which can be worn either casual or dressy!

I’m a size 4 1/2 in shoes and have slim skinny feet so sometimes find heels awkward fitting but I decided to get a 5 and they’re a lovely comfy fit. They are surprisingly easy to walk in (says the girl who’s crap at walking in skinny heeled heels) I think the fact the stiletto heel isn’t really big it makes it a little easier for me!

I can’t wait to pair these with an outfit to show off wearing them to you all!




Does anyone else have any Primark bargain shoe buys? Or bargain shoe buys from somewhere else? I’d love to hear!





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