Are you keeping up with the fashion with your nail colour?!
If not don’t worry because my blog post will get you up to speed with things!

I was loving the nude nails throughout summer and I’m so happy that nudes are staying with us for autumn/winter girlys! It’s an ideal colour as it goes with everything.. My nude nails I mixed up as you can see in the picture and I went for a more brown nude, apricot nude and then a glitter!

Really they say the paler your skin the paler your nude should be, so if your blessed with lovely olive skin you should really go for a more brown nude, I however am not blessed with brown skin but I still feel I pulled off the browny nude! The best nude for my skin tone is an apricot nude.


So that’s my nude nails…
I’m a bit of a cheap skate and when it comes to certain things if I can do it myself then yeah I will! So I do my own gel nails from home! I’m not qualified to do it but I know how as my sister does beauty and I’ve seen my nails be done a million times.. £32 in the nail salon every few weeks was killing my bank account just as much as my shopping addiction.. So I had to cutdown somewhere.. As I love doing nails I decided to do my own.. It was cheap enough to get my own kit and now I do them all myself! Including nail art and nail gems! So I will update you with my nail posts!
These colours are from the Gelsih range.. So if any of you use gelish I can tell you the colours… But most nail varnish companies sell nice nudes!

My new colours I done my nails last night for a/w was a deep burgundy with glitter… It’s a beaut colour! Like an ox-blood!


May not do my skin tone justice but I love it!

So girlys the nail colours to be wearing this a/w are… Deep dark moody colours, so dark navy’s, greens(yes including teal), rusty reds, greys.
Obviously nude shades, metallics and two tones with fushia (pink). Apparently it’s also in the trend to have nail art under your nails.. Yes I said under, for me personally I’m not feeling that but it will be interesting to see it pulled off!

Hope you enjoy knowing the nail trends and I will keep you posted with my future nail designs/colour and gems!