Salon International 2014 @ London Excel




So yesterday (11/10/14) I went to Salon international in London excel! My first time ever going and i really enjoyed it! I went to support my boyfriend who was cutting hair on stage.. I love hair/ hair fashion and hair products.. So it was brilliant to get to see some really amazing hairdressers/barbers cut and style hair and then do a catwalk! Hair plays a really big part in fashion so it really interests and inspires me.

I treated myself to a few new goodies as you can see in my picture above so once I have used these I will do a blog review to let you know what’s worth buying and what isn’t… I brought a hair diffuser, hair curling tongs, hair removal/exfoliating pads, and some big sexy hair products! I’m mostly excited to use my big sexy hair products as I have long thin hair so it’s hard to get volume and body to my hair so I will see whether this is any good and then if you have thin flat hair like me I can share how amazing or rubbish it is with you all.

Yesterday was also a really good day as I treated myself to a canon camera!! Trying to take pictures on my iPhone and iPad for my blog just wasn’t working and the picture quality was proper naff.. So now I will be able to blog properly and actually take good pictures which is exciting.. So all keep your eyes peeled for my blog posts to come!



My coat round up

So Autumn/Winter is approaching and as everyone’s style isn’t pink I decided to do a coat round up of the different ones I’m loving right now to help keep you stylish and warm…

With autumn in full swing you need to start thinking about your winter wardrobe and what your going to wear..

With the weather being so on/off at the moment it’s also very hard to know what to wear when one day its warm and then next its raining and then it’s cold next thing it’s muggy…

So here it is


Leopard fur coat

This coat I absolutely LOVE ❤️ There’s something about leopard print that just never gets old for me.. It’s a trend I will always happily wear!


The denim jacket

Denim is ALWAYS fashionable, and this one for me is just perfect..


The leather jacket

Leather jackets can be worn in so many ways and add to so many outfits! Whether casual or going out.. This fringed leather jacket is a beaut 😍


Dogtooth coat

Monochrome is always a hit with me.. My whole life is black and white..maybe I’m a little bit too obsessed with black and white it’s just it’s always a yes trend! And for that reason I’m loving this dogtooth coat..


Multi block poncho

Yes this is technically not a coat but it does the same purpose! This poncho is ideal for when it’s cool but not too cold! This ones a fave for me one because the colours green and burgundy are in this season but also because it’s so practical and easy to wear ❤️

If you want to know where any of the items are from just email me ….

Autumn/Winter Coat ❤️🌀

This autumn/winter… Ladies think PINK

A coat is an all time MUST HAVE! When it gets chilly every one needs to wrap up to stay warm.. So why not also stay stylish?!

I’ve found 3 coats in PINK that I think are beaut!




And now you’ve seen them I bet your thinking pink as well…

Shoes I’m loving right now 👟👞👡👠👢

So as I said shoes are one of my all time faves
They can make any outfit… At the moment my favourite pairs I can’t stop wearing are …


my black loafers!

These shoes are the best and you can wear them either casual or going out! I’m living in mine.. They are SO comfortable and cute..

My second pair are my new ..

military black boots ❤️

IMG_3900.JPG these shoes are just comfy and casual for the slobby lazy days

Then my last loves are my

peep toe suede shoes


And yes I do like black as you can tell 🙈🙊

Monster clutch

Monster clutch

Monster clutch

Hi.. I’m new to this so bare with me.. Welcome to my blog!
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I’m based in Hertfordshire/London and have a passion for fashion, animals and food! Ano it’s a combination but a good one in my mind 🙂 you can contact me… Any tips on blogging are appreciated!

My first post is this amazing clutch… I LOVE this monster clutch!
It’s a must have iconic item!! Available from Zara at a bargain price… How could anyone resist it.