Product reviews |#1

WELCOME to my FIRST product reviews!

This is only a short sweet blog today..

My first product I’m reviewing is…


My HD brow palette

So after I get my eyebrows waxed and shaped I use this to help them look more defined and full.


I have really long irritating eyebrows with long hairs and lots of gaps! They would be perfect eyelashes but typical they’re on my face! So it’s hard to make my brows look more defined without them looking ridiculous and over the top by being draw on with crayons
This is when this HD brow palette and my brown eyebrow pencil come in handy

In the HD palette you get (from left to right) a highlighter.. 2 different brown shades to help define the brows, a black shadow and a clear wax!
A little secret of mine is that these also come in handy if you want a neutral eyeshadow.. And for a less defined eyeliner you can run the black along your eyelids.

For me personally i mix the lighter brown (2nd along) with the wax and then use this to create more of a shape to my eyebrow. If at any stage you go wrong and a bit wild don’t worry you can use a cotton bud to remove it. I then use the brown brow pencil to define the ends and some of the middle of the brow (I don’t use pencil in the top of the brow as I feel it’s too defined for that area and looks silly on me personally) never just colour in..your face isn’t a colouring book and if you go brow wild your going to look like a drag queen (no offence guys half of you look beautiful in your drag make up but it is over the top) so yeah unless you want really draw on bold eyebrows then use the pencil to draw fine strokes as if your drawing hairs on your face. I then use the darker brow towards the end where my eyebrows aren’t as full
I then use the highlighter colour above and below the brow (along with some foundation) this then highlights and makes your brows look perfect and defined! It will also cover any smears or mess
My HD palette was £25 and is the colour FOXY.. For me personally I think it’s really reasonable and amazing! I have had my palette for ages and it still doesn’t seem to be getting low quickly! You can buy this online.

My dark brown eyebrow pencil is just a cheap on called SAFFRON and was £1.59 off of EBAY including postage! Bargain guys! This honestly works just as good as the expensive ones as I’ve tried and tested lots of different types and brands..Most eyebrow pencils are just eyebrow pencils.

So combined together I don’t think the price of the 2 is bad for defined beaut brows. I’m sure if you shop around you can find cheaper versions but how good they might be I’m unsure!? But with brows it’s all about practicing until you get your perfect shape and look!

So girlys and queens just practice your techniques and in time you’ll become a pro at it!

My last product I’m reviewing is


My NIVEA BB cream
Honestly this stuff is amazing!
I go for the LIGHT colour as my skins slightly pale..
This cream has a slight tint of colour in it and is just a moisturiser you apply to your face before applying your makeup! It helps cover any little imperfections or pours and I love it! It illuminates all the right areas and helps protect your skin which is necessary with this colder weather approaching. I got it on offer for £3 from Tesco and it’s the best £3 I’ve spent recently..
It doesn’t feel too heavy or make my skin feel greasy.. My skin type is oily to dry which is a weird combination so I have to be careful what products I use as different things react differently with my skin but this was a good buy!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my first product review.. As I love shopping I will be back soon with another..
Any questions just comment or email me
I can also send people a comparison of my brows before and after