Sassy snake heels..

I am in LOVE with my new bargain shoes!

These heels aren’t normally the type I would go for as I can’t walk very good in stiletto type heels, I tend to look like bambi on ice with my spangly short legs!
But at the age of 23 I thought its about time I learnt as I can now walk well in thick, chunky heels and wedges all thanks to my gay bestfriend (yes he can walk in heels and dance in heels better than me!) so that’s why I decided to treat myself to these




LyliaRose <3

I have recently discovered Lylia Rose on twitter after they followed me and I decided to follow them back to see what goodies they sold.

I then saw they had done a tweet for a surprise competition to win a necklace, so I decided to try my luck as I had seen how pretty some of their pieces are.

Luckily I won a necklace and received a little surprise package!!! I was SO happy and excited as I never win anything!


Cute dotty package




Cross Necklace



I was lucky to be sent and given this little cute necklace for free! It’s a very unique piece as you can see from the picture. A small red/orange floral cross on a silver chain. I can’t wait to be able to wear it 🙂

Lylia Rose is an online boutique who sell fashion jewellery, stylish handbags and printed scarves! They sell statement necklaces, pretty bracelets and so much more…

All of their items are under £15 which personally I feel is really reasonable and UK delivery is FREE! (EU delivery is only £3)

They’re worth checking out as you’ll see from their website they sell some really cute, stylish items which are a bargain to buy.

Check them out @


My personal favourites from LyliaRose

Have you got anything from LyliaRose!? Or do you like another cute online boutique? I’d love to hear



Because scent Is everything…

Hey to my new followers!

Just an update my outfit blog posts are coming people I’m just getting used to my camera! It’s not easy taking your own outfit post photos! But hopefully will post my first tomorrow.

This post is about scent. Smell is so important to me, I love to smell nice as I feel this makes you feel better! There’s nothing worse than someone that’s stinky or doesn’t smell nice.

I’m going to share with you my 3 top perfumes right now.

Perfume |#1

‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs




This perfume smells amazing! It’s a very sweet fresh floral smell. When wearing it you instantly feel happy and summery! The bottle is beautiful and I love the floral top.

Perfume |#2

‘Lady Million’ by Paco Rabanne




This perfume is very strong smelling and lasts on your clothes and skin for ages which is a bonus! The bottle reminds me of a diamond and you feel like a million dollars when your wearing it! It’s a very sweet feminine smell. And has a very crisp distinct scent. Love it!

Perfume |#3

‘Coco Mademoiselle’ by Chanel



This is my all time favourite perfume! It smells amazing! It’s a floral-jasmine rose scent that’s very oriental and glamorous! I literally love it and tend to save wearing it for best as I don’t like wasting it on an average day.

As you can see my scent taste is very floral. For some reason they always appeal to me.

What’s your favourite scent!? I’d love to try out different perfumes that other people love and recommend?


The Liebster award..


Ok so i apologise for how long its taken me to do this but i have been crazy busy lately i just haven’t had no time..

Thanks Carolanne for the nomination on Twitter. The Liebster award is a fun way to help promote new bloggers so i think its good to be a part of!

The Rules Are:

  • Answer the questions that are sent to you
  • Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers on twitter
  • Ask them 12 of your own questions
  • Let them know they’ve been nominated

So here’s my 12 questions..

  1. Would you consider becoming a Vlogger and why? Ive actually never considered this? i wouldn’t say it doesn’t appeal to me as I’m confident and would probably enjoy it as i love to talk i just don’t think i could find the time nor would i be able to produce good enough vlogs that would interest people. Tbh i think many bloggers feel this way.
  2. What’s your go-to outfit? At this moment in time i would probably say my high-waisted black skinny jeans, military boots and a casual top. I like to be comfy a lot of the time and find this is perfect to chill in although with working so much i seem to be living more in joggers or pjs!
  3. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? My spare time recently mainly consist of blogging, doing mine and others nails, shopping and catching up on sleep!
  4. Something that you really want to buy but can’t afford/get hold of? hmm this ones tricky as there’s so many things i want to buy but I’m being good and saving – id probably have to say i really want a mulberry bag, i can’t justify spending that much on a bag when I’m saving.
  5. Your favourite blog atm? I can’t make my mind up on this one yet? I’ve been looking at so many blogs recently for inspiration and to just read and with the many I’ve read I’m yet to make my mind up on a favourite. i need to invest more time into reading more.
  6. Whats your dream job? My dream job would be to work as an RSPCA inspector, I’ve wanted to ever since i was young as i have a strong love and passion for animals and would love to help promote welfare and prevent neglect.
  7. Favourite junk food? CHOCOLATE hands down! I’m a BIG chocolate fan. Dairy milk buttons and milky bar are my favourites.
  8. Tea or Coffee? TEA. i love a cuppa tea and literally drink it all day long. would love a tea tap! I’ve only recently tried coffee (a latte) and I’m yet to decide whether i enjoyed the taste? i find it very strong.
  9. One product you couldn’t live without? Have to be my mascara, i love benefit they’re real!
  10. Your on a desert island and can take three of your possessions with you, what do you take? This ones easy, my iPhone, my dog and my bed.
  11. Describe your style? This ones hard without sounding like your licking your own bum.. i also tend to really mix up my style depending on my mood and where I’m going but i would say my style is very trendy, feminine, urban and classic.
  12. What do you enjoy most about blogging? I love to share ideas/reviews and products with others, it makes me feel happy if i know I’ve helped someone out with something that i didn’t find help on. i enjoy gathering items and outfits and taking lots of pictures. Now i have my new camera and a tripod coming I’m excited to get blogging some outfit posts! so keep a look out followers!

I now nominate:






Lucy Jade





My questions to you are…

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Whats your blog about?
  3. Favourite new purchase?
  4. Favourite blog?
  5. Who is your style icon?
  6. Favourite make-up product you can’t live without?
  7. Most expensive item you own?
  8. Favourite brand?
  9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  10. Whats your Dream job?
  11. Favourite junk food?
  12. Tea or coffee?


FINE FLAT HAIR? Look no further… How to get VOLUME.

Do you have fine, thin, flat hair that needs a boost?!

This was exactly how I used to feel and nothing and I mean nothing would give my hair the volume I wanted!
Now I’ve found some products that give my hair volume I wanted to share it for others with my problem!


My flat looking hair

My first bit of advice is that if you have flat hair try not to over wash it and over groom! Too much hair attention and product will cause it to become dull and drop… You will also get better volume if your hair is shorter however I like my hair long so it’s still long! I got highlights and lowlights put in my hair to help it look thicker and fuller. And these 3 amazing products help give it life…

Product | #1

Big Sexy Hair – Spray and stay


For me personally this is the best hairspray I have come across, they sell it in different holds so you can get a much stronger hold but I’ve gone for a medium hold as I think too much ends up weighing down my hair! After my hairs styled I spray this and it’s holds it ALL NIGHT LONG! What more can you ask for.. It’s about £13-£14 a can but it’s honestly worth it and lasts you

Product | #2

Osis dust it


This product is great for volume at the roots, it’s a white powder that you sprinkle onto your hair. Once it’s on your hair you just rough it up and rub it in and it boosts and adds volume to your roots. I take each middle section and backcomb it first then apply this underneath. I always do this before I apply hairspray. Apply the hairspray after as it helps hold your volume… This product is about £7 but it’s the best £7 ive spent on my hair

Product | #3

Big Sexy Hair – Backcomb in a bottle


This stuff is honestly AMAZING! I was so impressed when I tried it. Be careful not to go too wild or over apply this product as only a little is needed for thin,flat hair. I backcombed my hair, added this product and wow. Huge amounts of volume, lift and life in a can! This product really works amazingly if your doing a quiff in your hair, the hold is amazing. I’m in love with this.. For £15 it’s worth every penny

I know these aren’t bargain products but sometimes you have to pay a little more for good products and these are worth it. If you suffer with fine,thin, flat hair then you will understand the stress and how irritating it is when your hair looks so lifeless and dull… So go and treat yourself and wake up your flat roots and give them a boost!!!


Weekly Product Haul |#1

Welcome to my first weekly product haul… I buy lots of products most weeks.. Some of which are products I regularly use and some are NEW!

My first product is…

Palmers cocoa butter

This is something I have used for years and if you have never tried it I would definitely recommend it! It’s amazing.. Nothing makes my skin feel softer. It’s amazing to help with dry skin and also stretch marks and scars! So during and after pregnancy this stuff will really help although that advice isn’t from experience as I have no children but know people who it’s helped, it’s also helped with my stretch marks I’ve gained from having a fat bum!


Revlon brow styling gel

This is a product I have never used before and I’ve used it this week for the first time. As I’ve said in a previous post I have really long eyebrow hairs so I’ve brought this product to try and help tame them and set them in place, I’ve only used it twice so I still feel like I’m a little sitting on the fence with my verdict of how good it is! Maybe after using it for a few more occasions my mind will be made up but it does do the job of holding them in place and isn’t sticky or flaky which is a result! It gives your defined brows a hold.


St Ives apricot scrub

I have swore by this product for years all thanks to my mummy! I absolutely love it! I have a weird combination of dry/sensitive/oily skin! Awful combo and this product is amazing for my skin! It gently exfoliates it leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and oil free! Even with sensitive skin this doesn’t cause no irritation.. I love it and use it every day!


Lip voltage

Wow! This product is a new buy, it’s weirdly amazing! It’s like Botox plumped lips without the injections! As I said weirdly amazing… It gives your lips a tingle and leaves them feeling warm and plumped! It has 3 heat stages..warm to very hot tingle and as I’m a new wimp to this I have only done the 0.1ml warm tingle! I will update you guys on when I up the voltage and tell you how it is but I love this little new buy.. Plumping lip gloss 💋

(Wearing my lip voltage)


They’re real benefit mascara

This is my FAVOURITE mascara, I first tried it about a year ago and since I haven’t used anything but this! After years of trying out many different mascaras I found this one to be my favourite, I would recommend it to everyone! It’s the best I’ve found.. If anyone can give me one that does a better job I would try it and see but for me this is the best on the market girlys!




Are you keeping up with the fashion with your nail colour?!
If not don’t worry because my blog post will get you up to speed with things!

I was loving the nude nails throughout summer and I’m so happy that nudes are staying with us for autumn/winter girlys! It’s an ideal colour as it goes with everything.. My nude nails I mixed up as you can see in the picture and I went for a more brown nude, apricot nude and then a glitter!

Really they say the paler your skin the paler your nude should be, so if your blessed with lovely olive skin you should really go for a more brown nude, I however am not blessed with brown skin but I still feel I pulled off the browny nude! The best nude for my skin tone is an apricot nude.


So that’s my nude nails…
I’m a bit of a cheap skate and when it comes to certain things if I can do it myself then yeah I will! So I do my own gel nails from home! I’m not qualified to do it but I know how as my sister does beauty and I’ve seen my nails be done a million times.. £32 in the nail salon every few weeks was killing my bank account just as much as my shopping addiction.. So I had to cutdown somewhere.. As I love doing nails I decided to do my own.. It was cheap enough to get my own kit and now I do them all myself! Including nail art and nail gems! So I will update you with my nail posts!
These colours are from the Gelsih range.. So if any of you use gelish I can tell you the colours… But most nail varnish companies sell nice nudes!

My new colours I done my nails last night for a/w was a deep burgundy with glitter… It’s a beaut colour! Like an ox-blood!


May not do my skin tone justice but I love it!

So girlys the nail colours to be wearing this a/w are… Deep dark moody colours, so dark navy’s, greens(yes including teal), rusty reds, greys.
Obviously nude shades, metallics and two tones with fushia (pink). Apparently it’s also in the trend to have nail art under your nails.. Yes I said under, for me personally I’m not feeling that but it will be interesting to see it pulled off!

Hope you enjoy knowing the nail trends and I will keep you posted with my future nail designs/colour and gems!


Product reviews |#1

WELCOME to my FIRST product reviews!

This is only a short sweet blog today..

My first product I’m reviewing is…


My HD brow palette

So after I get my eyebrows waxed and shaped I use this to help them look more defined and full.


I have really long irritating eyebrows with long hairs and lots of gaps! They would be perfect eyelashes but typical they’re on my face! So it’s hard to make my brows look more defined without them looking ridiculous and over the top by being draw on with crayons
This is when this HD brow palette and my brown eyebrow pencil come in handy

In the HD palette you get (from left to right) a highlighter.. 2 different brown shades to help define the brows, a black shadow and a clear wax!
A little secret of mine is that these also come in handy if you want a neutral eyeshadow.. And for a less defined eyeliner you can run the black along your eyelids.

For me personally i mix the lighter brown (2nd along) with the wax and then use this to create more of a shape to my eyebrow. If at any stage you go wrong and a bit wild don’t worry you can use a cotton bud to remove it. I then use the brown brow pencil to define the ends and some of the middle of the brow (I don’t use pencil in the top of the brow as I feel it’s too defined for that area and looks silly on me personally) never just colour in..your face isn’t a colouring book and if you go brow wild your going to look like a drag queen (no offence guys half of you look beautiful in your drag make up but it is over the top) so yeah unless you want really draw on bold eyebrows then use the pencil to draw fine strokes as if your drawing hairs on your face. I then use the darker brow towards the end where my eyebrows aren’t as full
I then use the highlighter colour above and below the brow (along with some foundation) this then highlights and makes your brows look perfect and defined! It will also cover any smears or mess
My HD palette was £25 and is the colour FOXY.. For me personally I think it’s really reasonable and amazing! I have had my palette for ages and it still doesn’t seem to be getting low quickly! You can buy this online.

My dark brown eyebrow pencil is just a cheap on called SAFFRON and was £1.59 off of EBAY including postage! Bargain guys! This honestly works just as good as the expensive ones as I’ve tried and tested lots of different types and brands..Most eyebrow pencils are just eyebrow pencils.

So combined together I don’t think the price of the 2 is bad for defined beaut brows. I’m sure if you shop around you can find cheaper versions but how good they might be I’m unsure!? But with brows it’s all about practicing until you get your perfect shape and look!

So girlys and queens just practice your techniques and in time you’ll become a pro at it!

My last product I’m reviewing is


My NIVEA BB cream
Honestly this stuff is amazing!
I go for the LIGHT colour as my skins slightly pale..
This cream has a slight tint of colour in it and is just a moisturiser you apply to your face before applying your makeup! It helps cover any little imperfections or pours and I love it! It illuminates all the right areas and helps protect your skin which is necessary with this colder weather approaching. I got it on offer for £3 from Tesco and it’s the best £3 I’ve spent recently..
It doesn’t feel too heavy or make my skin feel greasy.. My skin type is oily to dry which is a weird combination so I have to be careful what products I use as different things react differently with my skin but this was a good buy!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my first product review.. As I love shopping I will be back soon with another..
Any questions just comment or email me
I can also send people a comparison of my brows before and after


Pastel Blue Teddy Coat




I’m literally SO excited that I can finally blog and produce better quality pictures with my new canon camera! I feel like its Christmas come early…

I still have so much to learn with it though as I didn’t realise how many different picture taking options there are so bare with me on my photography skills.. It’s a work in progress…

My first blog post to test out my new camera is… My blue pastel teddy coat! I have posted this recently on Instagram @allthingsfashionfeed_
I love this new baby… I literally feel like a snug little teddy in this coat, which with our lovely British weather is perfect!

You would never believe this coat was ONLY £25! Such a little bargain.. That makes me love it just a little bit more.. I love a bargain buy!

This coat comes in a pastel pink and a creme. They don’t seem to stock many in the stores or so I found in the one near me so if your after it onlines your best bet! They will even deliver it to the store free of charge 😀

Get shopping for your bargain people


Coat | George @asda
Crop Top | Topshop
Jeans | River island
Shoes | Newlook